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1992: Steven Maisel
photograph Madonna for 
VANITY FAIR   2000: Mario Testino
photograph Madonna and
Rupert Everett
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Italian Version

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, the Material Girl was born August 16, 1958, in Bay City, Michigan. The eldest of 8 children, she lost her mother to cancer when she was 6 years old, leaving her engineer father to raise their eight children. Madonna's star quality was evident at an early age, which prompted her to participate in school shows, be a school cheerleader, as well as take piano and ballet lessons. She attended the University of Michigan on a dance scholarship, but she put aside her studies after two years of student life to head for New York City and pursue her dreams of becoming a star. In the Big Apple with hardly any cash, Madonna barely earned a living by working several minimum wage jobs, one of which was at a Dunkin Donuts counter at Times Square ...
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Nobody Knows Me photo book

Wonderland: You're hearing a sample realised in the 2000. Madonna and William Orbit recorded this sample as the theme song of a new TV serial (Wonderland). The TV serial not realised: it was blocked after two episodes.
There are a loto of sample, unreleased and demo versions of other songs. Click here to know...

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Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone

photo gallery Nobody Knows me

American Life (Making Video)

Star - a movie by Guy Ritchie

Jane Magazine 2002

Regan Cameron 2000

Nobody Knows Me photo book

W Magazine A lady named Madonna
April 2003: W Magazine, one of the biggest magazines around documenting history.
Photographer Steven Klein and Madonna make those who think they know what they see wonder what it is they really see. See all the photos taken from this reportage.
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Versace Atelier VERSACE Atelier 1995 - 2005
1995: Madonna poses for the new catalogue of the Italian maison "Gianni Versace". The maison choose two photographers: Mario Testino and Steven Meisel.
2005: Madonna and Mario Testino reinvented the catalogue of Maison Versace. New shots, new look, new glamour.

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Lorenzo Agius Ladies' Home Journal
Lorenzo Agius Session
Ladies' HomeJournal
Confessions tour
Versace Photo shot 2005 by Mario Testino
Vogue Paris photo shots
Blue - Like a prayer
Blue perform a cover of "Like a prayer"
Download "Wonderland" theme.

BMW - Star
a film directed by Guy Ritchie
A short movie directed by Guy Ritchie and performed by Madonna. Here videostills, the hq video and more.
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